How to Decorate with Succulents?

Want to change your home or office decor and don't know where to start? Succulents are great plants to add life to a room or accent a particular spot!


Succulents are a type of plant whose characteristic is to retain a lot of water - hence the name succulent. Because they have this characteristic, succulents are the right kind of plant for those who do not have much time or aren't skilled at caring for plants. 

One of North American's most common succulents is the Sansevieria Trifasciata, commonly known as snake plant or grandmother's tongue. This succulent is an excellent addition to any room of the house but especially the bedroom since it's been appointed by NASA as one of 12 air purifying plants!

Flower Plus - fresh flower arrangements - baibiew - leaside - modern succulent arrangement  - mother in law's tongue - snake plant - nasa

Many confuse succulents with cacti, but they are not the same! Cacti are best recognized by thorns (although not all species have thorns), and their fatter foliage generally identifies succulents.

Because they have a neutral colour palette, succulents are very versatile and can match any decor, making them one of the easiest and best options for decorating your home!

Why choose succulents?

Fresh flowers and plants are favourites when it comes to giving any room a lift! They brighten the room and even counteract stress and anxiety by allowing for a much needed and healthy connection with nature. 

But not all house plants are the same, and some can have an advantage over others. That's the case with succulents! Let's see some reasons why:

1. They can tolerate dry, indoor conditions. This characteristic is especially important indoors, where air tends to be dryer, especially in the winter months.

2. They don't need much watering - Succulents have thick, fleshy leaves and stems which allow them to retain water, reducing the need to water frequently.

3. They don't require much fertilizing - Succulents have growing patters - they tend to grow more in the spring and summer and go dormant in the winter and, as such, don't need a lot of fertilizing to remain vibrant. 

4. They may work as air purifiers -  Succulents improve air quality while still making for sculptural displays that look like living art!

5. You can use them to make indoor gardens - Succulents like hanging out with friends, making them the perfect plants for an indoor garden. You'll want to make sure that all the succulents in the indoor garden have the same growth rates and watering and sunlight needs.

6. They'll fit well in your home - No matter the room, succulents can be a great addition to give it a fresh pop of green.

Ideas for decorating with succulents

Succulents are perfect for boho-style decor

Boho decor is becoming more and more popular, and succulents are the perfect complement to this style characterized by a more eclectic, rustic feel, full of personality, and not afraid to mix natural textures with colourful finishes. So, if you are looking to add a boho touch to your home or one of the rooms, succulent plants are the right plants for you.

Flower Plus - fresh flower arrangements - baibiew - leaside - succulent boho style

The right shade for your decor

The foliage of succulents can come in a wide variety of hues, but the ones that stand out most are green and purple shades. If you want to add a touch of colour to your succulent arrangement, add orchids to achieve a neutral and stylish combination that bursts into colours. 

Flower Plus - fresh flower arrangements - baibiew - leaside - succulent with orchid arrangement

S24 - Modern Phalaenopsis Arrangement

But if you prefer succulent only arrangements, it is worth betting on a mix of foliage shape and varying colours - our favourite is the most purplish hue. A white or clear vase with succulent greens is ideal for those who prefer the monochromatic and minimalist style.

Flower Plus - fresh flower arrangements - baibiew - leaside - succulent arrangement

P46 - Succulents set in a Tapered Metal Square Planter

Where to put your succulent arrangements

One of the great benefits of succulents is that they do not require a lot of maintenance, not are fussy about the indoor conditions. Thus, succulents are the perfect plants for any environment, be it residential or even commercial.

Where do people most use succulent arrangements?

• Corner tables

• Bookcases

• Bathroom sinks

• Centerpiece

• Bedside table


Six ideas to decorate with succulents

1. Hanging Planters

If your space is small to accommodate many plants or enjoy the boho style, arranging the succulents in hanging pots is a great choice! You can make DIY macramé hangers with string and knots, or you can buy metal hangers.

Flower Plus on Bayview - toronto - leaside - hanging succulent planter

2. Centrepiece

A large and varied mix of succulents make for a beautiful centrepiece. You can buy several succulents and DIY one for yourself or choose from beautifully designed succulent arrangements.

Flower Plus - fresh flower arrangements - baibiew - leaside - succulent arrangement in ceramic vase - centrepiece

P45 - Succulents in Rectangular Ceramic Planter

3. On shelves 

Potted succulents are a great addition to shelves. Since they don't require a lot of maintenance, other than watering them from time to time, you can leave them in higher and more challenging to access spots without worrying too much whether they will die from lack of watering or not enough sunlight.

Flower Plus on Bayview - toronto - leaside - succulent on shelves

4. As bookends

Use succulents or cacti in smaller pots as chic and straightforward bookends. The tip here is to put a little weight at the bottom of the pots to make them heavier and sturdier!

Flower Plus on Bayview - toronto - leaside - succulent bookend

5. At the bedside table

Add a little green to your room with small succulent arrangements on the bedside tables. In addition to being practical since they do not require a lot of maintenance, the presence of green in your resting environment will connect you with nature and provide you with greater relaxation.

Flower Plus on Bayview - toronto - leaside - succulent bedside table

6. In a terrarium

Terrariums were very common in the 1970s and are returning as one of the darlings of the interior design universe worldwide. Glass and geometric terrariums with metal details are our favourite models!

Flower Plus - fresh flower arrangements - baibiew - leaside - small succulent arrangement

P49 - Succulents set in Silver Glass Cube

Flower Plus - fresh flower arrangements - baibiew - leaside - medium succulent arrangement

S38 - Succulent Arrangement

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