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  • Summer Fresh Flowers Arrangements

    With the sun shining outside, we can't bur appreciate how beautiful flowers are in Summer. Of course, it's the season with warmer weather and when flowers (and people) grow happier.

    Beginning on June 21st and ends on September 22nd, Summer is the season of joy and celebration - weddings, outdoor birthday parties, Father's Day and school graduations. It's also the time of year we spend the most outside, going for walks, barbecuing with family and friends, or simply enjoying the sunshine.

  • How to Keep Your Fresh Flower Bouquet Last Longer

    You got a fresh flower bouquet! How exciting!

    You lose yourself admiring it until you realize that in just a few days the flowers will have wilted and you’ll have to throw your precious fresh flower bouquet away. If you’re not afraid of a little bit of maintenance work in order to keep your flowers looking fresh longer, we have some tips for you!

  • Biophilic Design – One of the Most Significant Design Trends of 2020

    Let's do an exercise - close your eyes for one minute. Now try to think about an outdoor experience as a child. 

    Maybe you thought about the sound of the waves from a tropical vacation. Perhaps, you remembered climbing a tall tree and could smell the fresh leaves. I'm sure that regardless of the experience you reminisced about in our little exercise when you imagine being in nature, the feeling is POSITIVE. 

    These positive feelings we get when we're in nature are what you strive to achieve in a biophilic design project.  

  • The Main Advantages of Decorating the Home with Permanent Flowers

    One of the main elements in successful home decor projects are flowers! Flowers are beautiful - they also have several health benefits, such as helping to reduce anxiety levels and fatigue and improving our mood! These are genuinely remarkable benefits as house decorated with flowers promotes the well-being of the residents and visitors. 

    In that sense, both natural and permanent flower arrangements are excellent for decorating the house or apartment. But today we'll talk about the benefits of decorating with permanent flowers and permanent plants.

  • Summer has Arrived and Flower's are the Best Gifts for the Season

    It's hard to believe that spring has come, and it's already gone! This Saturday marks the summer solstice for us in the Northern Hemisphere. This solstice marks the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year. 

    Some of us have missed birthdays, births and anniversaries. Some of us didn't have a chance to spend Mothers Day with our mothers. Some of us lost loved ones. Our children won't be able to greet their fellow classmates a proper goodbye before Summer and show their appreciation to their teacher's hard work. Our teens won't have a proper graduation, nor a prom. 

    An excellent way to keep our bond and connections healthy despite the imposed distancing is to make gestures of appreciation for the important people in our lives. We happen to believe that flowers are just perfect for conveying warmth, care and love. 

  • Why it's a Great Idea to Give Flowers on Father's Day

    There has never been a better time to gift your dad beautiful fresh flowers! Not convinced? I'll tell you why! Raise your hand if you've ever thou...
  • Celebrating High School Graduation in Times of COVID-19

    Our high school grads may as well be called the Pandemic Generation, and they will, for sure, be shaped by the events the world is facing now. But we can give our dear grads hope and some joy. 

    Flower Plus has been crafting special graduation bouquets since 1985, and we promise to do our very best to honour the graduate you want to celebrate with one of our unique and beautifully designed bouquets that are sure to cheer them up! Below are some of the graduation bouquets we have handcrafted and delivered to our dear clients.

  • Permanent Flower Arrangements - an Old New Trend in Home Decor

    For a long time, artificial flowers had their reputation questioned. That may be due to our memories of those tacky plastic flower arrangements that were always collecting dust in our grandparents' living room!

    However, few people know that artificial flowers have a long history in French haute couture. And they have been getting more and more space in the worlds of art and design.

  • Decorating with Flowers - a Room by Room Overview

    Hi there, and Happy Wednesday! The week has passed by so quickly, and we're delighted to be back at work! Well, this week we've decided to talk about dècor. With flowers, of course! 

    Toronto has started to enjoy warmer temperatures, and since flowers are in abundance this time of the year, we feel inspired to bring nature into our homes and bring you some suggestions for decorating with flowers.

  • Calming the Mind with Flowers and Meditation

    Meditation is a practice that has many science-based benefits, calming the mind amongst them. Flowers are also known to have a restorative effect ...
  • Update on Opening Hours- COVID 19

    The following is an update based on Government of Ontario COVID-19 Emergency Orders related to essential services:- Starting Monday May 11, 2020, F...
  • Flower Plus Gift Cards

    Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? We are delighted to introduce you Flower Plus Gift Cards. To celebrate our new website a...