Fresh Flower Arrangements for the Workspace

Let's be honest. We spend a good part of our day in our work environment. Whether at the firm or in the home office, if your workspace reflects your personality, it will also keep you inspired! No matter the size of the work area, there are options to decorate it!

If we think about the number of hours we spend at our workstation, decorating it in our own way can really inspire us and help with productivity. Not to mention that, if you receive customers in your work environment, a pleasant space to serve them will be a plus!

And how to talk about well-being and productivity, and not think about plants? A common denominator between inspiring work environments are plants and flower arrangements. And here, you will find those who prefer fresh flower arrangements and natural plants, but you'll also find those who prefer permanent floral arrangements. Silk flower arrangements and permanent succulent arrangements can look a lot like natural plants and flowers and have the added benefit of requiring almost no maintenance!

If you don't know where to start when it comes to decorating your workspace, don't worry! In this post, we bring you some ideas of themes and products that you can use to decorate your home office or your office desk and make it a space where you are productive and happy!


A minimalist approach to decorating your workspace is characterized by a few objects chosen to make a significant impact. This elegant decoration incorporates space, light and objects in an organized way, and plants are a great way to decorate your table.

Arrangements of artificial plants (like succulents) also serve as a focal point in a minimalist environment but do not distract, since they are monochromatic. An artificial bonsai tree provides a Zen atmosphere to any work area.

Flower Plus on Bayview - Leaside - Toronto - minimalistic office flower arrangement


A colourful workstation can help keep you energized and inspired, depending on your personality! It doesn't matter if the space is big or small; there are a multitude of accessories that add a touch of colour to a workspace that could otherwise be monotonous.

Fresh flower arrangements and colourful silk orchid Artificial plants are a great way to add colour to your desk and, most importantly, are beautiful and inspiring.

flower Plus on Bayview - Leaside - Toronto - colourful office decor - flower arrangement

Boho Chic

The boho-chic style is a trend, and, if you like it too, why not make your workstation reflect this beautiful theme? Boho chic decor is characterized by a sense of multiculturalism and an exotic touch - it is the contemporary bohemian style. This theme is full of artistic touches and is based on a natural look.

Succulents are essential for boho-chic decor, and they can come in all sizes, in small pots, large pots with multiple varieties, positioned in metal cages on the floor or even hanging on the wall.

Flower Plus on Bayview - Leaside - Toronto - boho chic office decor

Inspired by Nature

Are you a nature lover and want to reflect this love in your home office or office? So you are a fan of the biophilic design trend, explained by the designers of Design Interiores as the "association of nature with design projects and which has a direct and immediate impact on the health and general well-being of people who live or work in that environment."

To get a workstation or office space inspired by nature, consider several plants, both natural and artificial so that you are surrounded by nature all year round. Artificial plants and trees mean you don't have to deal with the "hassle" of maintaining real plants and trees. They do not require water or maintenance - just a simple cleaning every few months.

To maximize the incorporation of nature in your workspace, consider placing several plants as a set of several plant pots with different heights. If you have space on the ground, an artificial tree will instantly add a feeling of being in the middle of nature.

Flower Plus on Bayview - Leaside - Toronto - biofilic design office decor


Does your mood change with the season? So, maybe you want your decor to follow nature's cycles too! 

Spring: Spring invites cheerful colours. Choose something colourful and flowery.

Summer: Summer requires freshness, and flowers such roses can do this very well without overwhelming your table decor.

Autumn: Autumn calls for vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange. Sunflowers are an autumn classic.

Winter: For the winter months, a poinsettia arrangement is festive and beautiful.



Regardless of your project, we can help you!


Flower Plus has been your florist of choice in the Bayview Leaside area since 1985 and caters to the entire GTHA! We specialize in beautiful natural flower arrangements and pride ourselves in offering elegant small and bespoke silk flower arrangements.  

At Flower Plus, we make all of our arrangements with three core principles in mind - DESIGN, INSPIRATION and DISTINCTION. We will be pleased to work with you in crafting a permanent flower arrangement for any room in your house, office or commercial space. 

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