Funeral Flower Advice for Family Members

Classic white arrangement including a Roses Cymbidium orchids snowballs and Lisianthus

When buying funeral flowers for a family member, please consider the following:

CASKET ARRANGEMENT - Will the casket be open or closed?

Closed casket arrangements are generally larger to cover two-thirds (2/3) of the casket.


The length of the viewing will determine:

How open the flowers should be – Fresh flowers open up over time and depending on the surrounding temperature.  Short viewings should have more open flowers. More extended viewings will have a mix of open flowers and flowers that will open up over time.

The type of flowers that may or may not be used – Some flowers do better out of water than others.  If you have an extended viewing planned, we can recommend the types of flowers you should consider.


If known, please notify us of favourite flowers/colours of the deceased.  Some fresh flowers are not available year-round.  We will advise of suitable substitutions that match the other flowers and colours chosen.

To arrange for a funeral consultation, please call us at +1(416)485-1167.

For specific funeral and sympathy floral advice, please check our other blog posts on the subject.

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