Funeral Flowers - General Etiquette

funeral fresh flowers arrangement white flowers in transparent case

Funerals are often a challenging time for the grieving family.

Family members generally order more significant focal floral arrangements such as wreaths, standing sprays or casket arrangements as family pieces are placed prominently surrounding the casket. 

Friends and acquaintances sending condolence flowers to the funeral home or the church may consider sending tribute arrangements in vase or mache containers. Alternatively, you may send vase arrangements or planters to the family home.

Close friends may consider honouring the deceased with a beautiful funeral wreath or other specialty floral pieces.

Flower Plus is known for unique wreath arrangements using textures and colours that celebrate and remember the life and love of the deceased. Please let us know if there any particular flowers or colours that your loved one was fond of, and we will work towards incorporating them into the arrangements.

To arrange for a funeral consultation, please call us at +1(416)485-1167.

For specific funeral and sympathy floral advice, please check our other blog posts on the subject.

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