Permanent Flower Arrangements - an Old New Trend in Home Decor

For a long time, artificial flowers had their reputation questioned. That may be due to our memories of those tacky plastic flower arrangements that were always collecting dust in our grandparents' living room!

However, few people know that artificial flowers have a long history in French haute couture. And they have been getting more and more space in the worlds of art and design.

People at Ambiente (Home Decor show in Germany) in 2019 witnessed artificial flowers in all and every room and confirmed that they are undeniably a trend! And the trend hasn't faded well into 2020. 

Today home decor stores in the most diverse price ranges offer artificial plants and flowers, such as West ElmIKEA and Wayfair. A brief walkthrough Pinterest will blow your mind with so much inspiration!



Artificial Flower Arrangements are Tacky

It is the most common objection when thinking about decorating the home or office with artificial flower arrangements. But this statement could not be further from the truth! Artificial flowers and plants can be as beautiful and elegant as natural flowers - know where to buy and what precautions to take to make them look gorgeous for a long time!

Designer Livia Cetti (The Green Vase) took New York by storm with her paper flower arrangements that are real works of art!


livia cetti paper flower arrangement


Cetti says she has several of her own crafty arrangements at home, especially on furniture, where she doesn't want to risk having contact with water. Still, about her trajectory as a designer of artificial flower arrangements, the designer says that "flowers do not go out of style. I believe that our replicating them in fabric, clay, or paper comes from a desire to take possession of their ephemeral beauty."

Today's artificial flowers can be of such high quality that we prefer to call them permanent flowers! For the same reason, permanent flowers and plants have garnered many fans amongst interior and landscape designers. So much so that you can find articles about how to use them in most interior design magazines

A few years ago, we sought to bring nature into the home, especially in urban areas, where contact with nature is more complicated. But the reality is that having and maintaining natural plants alive and healthy requires an effort that many people can't manage! That made it possible for permanent flowers and plants to keep the green that connects us with nature without us having to deal with plant corpses from time to time.

Renowned Brazilian architect and tv presenter Mauricio Arruda tells CASA VOGUE that:

"The first step in using them at home is not to be afraid to dare. Then, it is interesting to make a match between the real and artificial plants where you like best, creating layers of colours and textures."

Permanent plants and flowers are also excellent for environments with little or no natural light. They are also an excellent choice for commercial establishments such as hotels, restaurants, clinics and offices. That is because they do not require much maintenance and ensure a more pleasant, elegant and cozy environment.


 Connection with Nature

There are still those who question the idea that natural flowers and plants truly promote a greater connection with nature, says Avi Steinberg. In an article for the New York Times, Steinberg argues that many people are now seeing beyond the supposed authenticity of an orchid brought from nature and placed on store shelves only to be impulse bought by someone who wants to see it bloom in their dining table. 

"And how sad that a flower, so alienated from its true home, is supposed to communicate feelings of genuine connection." Avi Steinberg


Regardless of where you stand in the natural vs. permanent debacle, the reality is that permanent flower arrangements are beautiful in their own right. They are great alone or combine with natural flowers and plants.



Although high-quality permanent flower arrangements may be pricey, we can't forget that they can last for eternity with minimal care. When you get tired of seeing the same flower arrangement, you may want to break it down into small groupings, put in different vases, which makes them both cost-effective and versatile! 

Flower Plus has been your florist of choice in the Bayview Leeside area since 1985 and caters to the entire GTHA! We specialize in beautiful natural flower arrangements and also pride ourselves in offering elegant small and bespoke silk flower arrangements.   


At Flower Plus, we make all of our arrangements with three core principles in mind - DESIGN, INSPIRATION and DISTINCTION. We will be pleased to work with you in crafting a permanent flower arrangement for any room in your house, office or commercial space. 



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