Why it's a Great Idea to Give Flowers on Father's Day

There has never been a better time to gift your dad beautiful fresh flowers! Not convinced? I'll tell you why!

Raise your hand if you've ever thought about gifting flowers to a special man in your life. I bet not many of our readers have, and that's ok. Come to think of it, and this might not even be your fault.  

When was the last time you saw a commercial where a man is portrayed amidst beautiful flowers? Nothing comes to mind? The same here. However, if you think about the opposite, women and flowers seem almost always to go together, as if flowers are exclusive for the liking of the ladies. 

Until recently, I do not remember a lot of male voices participating in any of my many (MANY) flower and plant themed Facebook groups. But lately, I have been pleasantly surprised by the growing number of men posting photos of their baby plants and flowers, for which they have been proudly caring for some time. 


man proud of his house plants

Even though a more significant number of women seem to take an interest in flowers, men also appreciate the beauty and take pride in caring for their flowers and plants as much as we do!


The World is Colourful and Flowers Just Make it Pop

Society is undoubtedly becoming more gender-balanced. Thanks to that, many gender-related rules we used to see just a couple of decades ago no longer apply.  

Leah Morrigan, writing for the Huffington Post, noted that "Before the '90s, men were almost forbidden to go near flowers unless they were getting married or being buried, but gay men have not had the same rules applied to them." 

She continues to state that "Historically, beautiful, delicate flowers were associated with "weak" or passive types like women, gays, and children. This way of thinking not only suppressed these groups, it robbed heterosexual men the pleasure of experiencing nature's fragrant and brilliant jewels. Perhaps thanks to metrosexuals, the door has opened for all men to appreciate flowers without the fear of gender bullies coming after them to kick their pansy asses for liking something so "feminine."

And who wants life to be less vibrant, less colourful and less charming anyway? 

man holding a pot with flowers

Flowers are as Much a Part of the Male Universe as it is the Female

Not only are men coming out of the shadows and showing their pride in having a green thumb, but they also love adding to their collection of house plants. They also find it special and sweet when gifted with a fresh flower bouquet.

"As my partner walked through the front door yesterday, I jumped from behind the corner with a dozen red roses and screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAYHis eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. He took the bouquet, and looked at it, and smelled it, and was absolutely beaming." Says Gillian Sisley on an article where she described why she decided to gift her fiancé with a fresh flower bouquet of red roses. 

man holding a rose stem

Flowers have also been traditionally used on a man's lapel on their wedding day. We send flowers as a gift for the entire family when welcoming a newborn, and we also pay our respects to dearly departed with flowers. 

We are also going through a difficult time globally where our emotions have been put to the test as we have been asked to spend most of our time indoors. A gift that connects us with the beauty of nature might be the perfect way to convey our deepest love for our dads. So, why not show the important men in our lives how special they are by gifting them with a fresh flower bouquet, a fresh flower arrangement or even a beautiful orchid plant?

man holding fresh flowers

Men come in different packaging, just like us, so you should consider which flowers to get for your dad! Practical dads will probably think a fresh flower bouquet is a waste after seeing it wilt after a few weeks. Hence, the best bet for practical dads is a potted plant, and our favourites are the beautiful orchid plants. On the other hand, fathers who are comfortable with their sensitive side tend to love colourful fresh flower arrangements in both a vase or a bouquet!


Choosing Flowers for Your Dad


While Carnations are considered the traditional Mother's Day flower, red roses are the official flower of Father's Day. And what a suiting and beautiful symbol since they also stand for love. In my experience, men prefer more structured arrangements as well as a mix of bold colours. Check out some of our favourites for this occasion below.    

White Orchid Arrangement

Callas and exotic greens

Modern Bright Summer Vase Arrangement


We would be thrilled to be a part of your Father's Day celebrations! Flower Plus has been your florist of choice in the Bayview Leeside area since 1985 and caters to the entire GTHA! We specialize in beautiful natural flower arrangements and also pride ourselves in offering elegant small and bespoke silk flower arrangements.   


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