Summer has Arrived and Flower's are the Best Gifts for the Season

After such an unusual spring, the June solstice arrives this weekend, raising hopes of a great summer.

It's hard to believe that spring has come, and it's already gone! This Saturday marks the summer solstice for us in the Northern Hemisphere. This solstice marks the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year. 

That means early dawns, long days, late sunsets, and short nights. The sun at its height each day, as it crosses the sky. Meanwhile, south of the equator, winter begins. It is undoubtedly our favourite time of year.

toronto view in the summer

As of last week, some non-essential businesses have started to reopen across the province and the GTHA. The second stage of the province's reopening plan includes restaurant patios, hair salons and swimming pools. While the limit on social gatherings has increased from five to 10 provincewide, it's important to remind ourselves that we are still to remain two metres away from anyone outside our own household.

"We need to continue to message to people that we're in a new normal, not a return to the old normal," said Gerald Evans, chair of the infectious diseases division at Queen's University. 

As with many industries and businesses across the country, the flower industry was struck hard by the changes imposed by the Covid-19 restrictions, as well as the shift in consumer behaviour. 

Some Canadian flower farmers have seen an unprecedented drop in sales when business should have boomed (spring). When non-essential activities were closed across Canada in March, adjustments to allow garden centres to reopen were made in AB, BC, MB and QC. Still, it took other provinces longer to adapt, causing many to suffer from a big revenue loss

 flower farmer in a greenhouse

Many flower shops across the country also suffered from having to close their doors during March, April, and especially May, one of the most significant months of the year, due to the Mother's Day celebrations. Like us at Flower Plus, others decided to adapt and invest in setting up their online stores for delivery only.

It's been a few weeks since we have re-opened (for curbside pick-up and contactless delivery) to serve our loyal customers again. With deep roots developed over 35 years of history in the Bayview area, Flower Plus has been a Leaside flower shop favourite. We are happiest when we can serve our community and, since opening our online store, we have been able to extend our beautiful flower deliveries to the entire GTHA.

Designer Christine Liao with one of her fresh flower creations   

One of the fresh flower bouquets we made for our 2020 graduates

Humans need connection and flowers are the perfect gift

It is wired in our DNA - humans need connection. And many of us have found ourselves unable to foster human connections with our families and close friends in the past months. 

Some of us have missed birthdays, births and anniversaries. Some of us didn't have a chance to spend Mothers Day with our mothers. Some of us lost loved ones. Our children won't be able to greet their fellow classmates a proper goodbye before Summer and show their appreciation to their teacher's hard work. Our teens won't have a proper graduation, nor a prom. 

Although most of us have missed an important date thus far, this pandemic has been a good reminder of how meaningful the connections we create throughout life are in keeping our spirits lifted. 

granddaughter sitting on granmother lap

An excellent way to keep our bond and connections healthy despite the imposed distancing is to make gestures of appreciation for the important people in our lives. We happen to believe that flowers are just perfect for conveying warmth, care and love. 

Besides being one of the easiest ways of showing someone you care about them, flowers also have the superpower of transforming a room. And that can come really in handy now since we spend so much time at home and could benefit from some exposure to nature. There's nothing that transforms a home like fresh flowers, whether you go for a small bouquet or a completely over the top fresh flower arrangement. 

father giving flowers to daughter

In appreciation of this glorious season and our clients whom we love dearly, the shop is filled with local and seasonal blooms, like peonies and ranunculus, and gorgeous stocks, lush potted orchids and herbaceous succulents. 

Flower Plus has been designing unique graduation bouquets since 1985. In the past weeks, we have been honouring the graduates in the Bayview Leaside neighbourhood and the GTHA with our unique and beautifully designed bouquets.

Colourful Fresh Flower Bouquet for Graduation

And if you still haven't found a Father's Day present, head on to our blog and check our tips - we are strong proponents of giving them a fresh flower arrangement, a fresh flower bouquet or even a beautiful orchid plant! A gift that connects us with the beauty of nature might be the perfect way to convey our deepest love for our dads.

Modern White Orchid Plant for Father's Day


At Flower Plus, we make all of our arrangements with three core principles in mind - DESIGN, INSPIRATION and DISTINCTION. We will be pleased to work with you in crafting a permanent flower arrangement for any room in your house, office or commercial space. 
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