The Main Advantages of Decorating the Home with Permanent Flowers

You may be tired of the social isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Still, there is no denying that there is no place like home. It doesn't matter if the "home" is a rented apartment or house. Home is where we go to be with ourselves and those we love, where we recharge our batteries and be our true selves.

One of the main elements in successful home decor projects are flowers! Flowers are beautiful - they also have several health benefits, such as helping to reduce anxiety levels and fatigue and improving our mood! These are genuinely remarkable benefits as house decorated with flowers promotes the well-being of the residents and visitors. 

In that sense, both natural and permanent flower arrangements are excellent for decorating the house or apartment. But today we'll talk about the benefits of decorating with permanent flowers and permanent plants.

Permanent plants are incredibly durable and, with minimal care, can last a lifetime. They are also easy to keep, no requiring a lot of maintenance and pretty looking all year round! Permanent flower arrangements aren't fussy - it doesn't need proper lighting or upkeep always to look good! 

Are you looking for a pretty decor piece that can uplift your mood and is low maintenance? Then investing in permanent flower arrangements and permanent plants for your home is the way to go! 

Let's check some advantages of decorating your house or apartment with permanent flowers

1) Artificial flowers do not cause allergies and are not toxic to your pets

The number of people that suffer from allergies and dermatitis caused by pollen is increasing year by year. People sensitive to pollen may experience symptoms such as itchy nose and eyes, constipation, skin irritation, among others.

Besides, many ornamental plants and flowers can be toxic if ingested by animals and even people. Small children and domestic animals such as dogs and cats usually play and also chew our plants and are at higher risk of intoxication.

Thus, permanent plants and permanent flower arrangements are especially advantageous for those with allergies, children or pets at home, as they do not pose any health or contamination risk!

2) Today's artificial flower arrangements and permanent plants look natural

With technological and industrial development, the materials and techniques for making permanent plants have significantly improved, allowing the creation of permanent flowers and permanent plants with shapes, colours, and characteristics very similar to natural ones.

The quality of some permanent flowers can be so high that, on many occasions, it is almost impossible to distinguish a permanent flower arrangement from a natural flower arrangement without getting close, and sometimes even touching!

3) Artificial flower arrangements are a home decor trend

Forget your childhood memories of artificial plastic flowers that collected dust in your grandmother's living room! Permanent flowers and plants are no longer considered tacky and are once again a trend in the home decor universe! 

Permanent flowers and plants can be as beautiful and elegant as natural flowers - know where to buy good quality permanent flowers and learn how to care for it. You'll have crisp looking flower arrangements for a lifetime!

Forget what you are thinking: permanent flowers and permanent plants can look stunning and make for very tasteful home decor pieces. 

Although high-quality permanent flower arrangements may be pricey, we can't forget that they can last for eternity with minimal care. When you get tired of seeing the same flower arrangement, you may want to break it down into small groupings, put in different vases, which makes them both cost-effective and versatile! 

But you may be wondering where to buy quality permanent flowers and permanent plants that will enhance your decor while giving you very little trouble! Well, Flower Plus has been your florist of choice in the Bayview Leeside area since 1985 and caters to the entire GTHA! We specialize in beautiful natural flower arrangements and pride ourselves in offering elegant small and bespoke silk flower arrangements.   


 At Flower Plus, we make all of our arrangements with three core principles in mind - DESIGN, INSPIRATION and DISTINCTION. We will be pleased to work with you in crafting a permanent flower arrangement for any room in your house, office or commercial space. 

Want more tips on how to decorate each room with flower arrangements? Take a look at this blog post that we published a while ago!

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