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  • The Best Flowers For Every Zodiac Sign

    Fresh flower arrangements are the ultimate statement. Lush, vibrant, modern, or romantic can make even the most unappealing of apartments more inviting. 

    Some have a love of roses, while others prefer lilies, daisies or orchids. We all have flowers that we love, but that may have something to do with astrology, more precisely, your astrological sign.

    Below we'll share some of each zodiac sign's favourite flowers! Pairing a sun sign flower with a moon sign and rising one can create beautiful fresh flower arrangements that may make you feel even more in love with your flowers than ever!

  • Why it's a Great Idea to Give Flowers on Father's Day

    There has never been a better time to gift your dad beautiful fresh flowers! Not convinced? I'll tell you why! Raise your hand if you've ever thou...