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  • Fresh Flower Arrangements for the Workspace

    Let's be honest. We spend a good part of our day in our work environment. Whether outside the home or in the home office, if your workspace reflects your personality, it will also keep you inspired! No matter the size of the work area, there are options to decorate it!
  • English Garden Style Fresh Flower Arrangements

    Our clients have spoken, and their all-time favourite fresh flower arrangement is our Lush Pastel English Garden Vase Arrangement (F18). 

    This popular flower arrangement is custom made by our designer. It is composed of a beautiful collection of English Garden flowers that include peach roses, green and white hydrangeas, ranunculus, lisianthus, spray roses and tweedias set in a clear cylinder vase, carefully made with the best fresh flowers available in the market.  

  • The Main Advantages of Decorating the Home with Permanent Flowers

    One of the main elements in successful home decor projects are flowers! Flowers are beautiful - they also have several health benefits, such as helping to reduce anxiety levels and fatigue and improving our mood! These are genuinely remarkable benefits as house decorated with flowers promotes the well-being of the residents and visitors. 

    In that sense, both natural and permanent flower arrangements are excellent for decorating the house or apartment. But today we'll talk about the benefits of decorating with permanent flowers and permanent plants.

  • Permanent Flower Arrangements - an Old New Trend in Home Decor

    For a long time, artificial flowers had their reputation questioned. That may be due to our memories of those tacky plastic flower arrangements that were always collecting dust in our grandparents' living room!

    However, few people know that artificial flowers have a long history in French haute couture. And they have been getting more and more space in the worlds of art and design.

  • Permanent Silk Flowers - How to Choose Yours

    Permanent silk flowers may be a good alternative for fresh flowers. While fresh flowers are gorgeous and fragrant, they eventually die and need to be replaced. Permanent silk flowers may seem a little on the expensive side but with minimal care, they never need to be replaced. At Flower Plus we offer the best quality permanent silk flowers and we have designed an easy process to help you choose what works best for you.